Can i fix the tube?

Was out yesterday having a blast on the dr. On the way home i stopped over at a friends place.. i had felt a little wandering from the rear, as if it wasn't allinged.

As we talked about bikes I saw i freaking nailhead gleaming in the center of the rear tire...

Pulled it out this morning.. turned out to be about 4" long o.O

So what do i do now? Talked to my local dealer, and they told me that you can't fix a tube, and that i had to buy a new. Is this a fact or do they just want my money as usual?:thumbsup:

Gonna post a pic of the nice hole in my tire tomorrow :ride:

You can certainly patch a tube, ive done it countless times with never a failure at the patch. You can get a tube patch kit almost anywhere.... local auto parts store, walmart, etc.

Yeah you can fix it IF the nail just punctured the tube once or twice (who knows how many times that nail punctured the otherside of the tube from the inside out!) Inspect the tube really well on the opposite side of the nail entrance. I only patch tubes when I have to. If I discover the tube is busted in my garage I'll just replace the whole tube if the damage is much more than a pinhole. But if done correctly, a patch will last the life of a tube.

Patching a tube is OK when you can't replace it but I would much rather put my trust in a new tube. The cost of a tube isn't much compared to the time and energy of getting the tube out and back in. Get a fresh tube and if you want to patch up the old one you can keep it as a spare in an emergency.

as cheap as they are...its an excuse to get a HD have to remove it to patch it...why not replace it.

I carry patches for if I'm on the trail. but now I just carry an extra front tube (it can be used in the rear as well but rear can't be used in the front)

If I had a hole in my tube I'd patch it and replace it and keep the patched as backup.

Your right... im gonna wonder if the patch holds up.. new tube it is.. just decided to get a new tire too, the current is close to becoming a slick.

Positive part, is me learning to change tire and tube, down part is me beeing stranded for a week, as the local shop keeps nothing in store.

Thanks a lot for the input!

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