New 530 XCR-W

I just bought a new KTM 530XCR-W and was wondering about setting up the suspension. To be honest I have put on some tonnage the last year and am about 25 lbs over my usual riding weight, which is about 200lbs. So now that I am a bit of a lard butt, is it worth changing the spring on the rear shock or sticking with stock until the weight melts away. I ride mostly fast trails and woods. I used to be a desert racer but gave that up many years ago. Man I miss my curnutts. Any way, as a slow old man is it worth the cost of changing the spring? I have the sag set per the manual and I increased the pre-load a bit more then stock. This is the same set up I used on my 400 EXC and it worked fine but like I said I was a bit lighter then, and hopefully will be again by the end of the summer.


i would look to get the right springs.

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