How much will this hurt my pig?

ok this may be a strange question but bear with me.

Probably people best qualified to answer are the mechanical types who have seen the insides of a lots of 650R motors after they have been used and abused. It's a question relating to engine wear under extreme (race) conditions.:

Lets say I have a pretty fresh, very good condition low mileage uncorked 2005 model 650R which has just been used for buzzing around on weekends.

Then, let's say I fit the bike out and race it for a 2000km race (1,300 miles)over 5 days, that's 3 - 6 hours a day non stop, most of it hard on the gas, dunes, etc.

The only maintenance is an oil/filter change every day.

Then, after all that, I want to get it back to as close as possible to the way it is now - a fresh, good condition low mileage weekend bike.

What's the internal wear going to be from that kind of race? What's likely to need replacing (aside from clutch probably) to get the bike back into good pre-race condition? What parts are most liikely to suffer wear & tear? If any? Is 5 days of 250 miles of hammering a day going to hurt, or or will the pig shrug it off?

My reason for this question is that I plan to keep my pig as a long-term recreational bike (like for the next 10 years), so I want to be kind to it.

So that's why I'm toying with the idea of investing in spare motor that I can hammer for this race (and maybe one or 2 others), so I can keep the original motor sweet.

Is this advisable, or am I underestimating the toughness of the pig?

In my road racing ex.mostly SV650 motor building.

I've found oil level tells most all you need to know .A worn motor usses more oil generaly past rings or maybe some blowby. You should use a catch bottle.

Both are the sign of worn rings or bore.

Oil level is also the first thing to cook your crank bearings and gaul rockers.

Clean air filter will protect rings. keep oil full or bearings will be next.

1300 miles isnt alot really, recent thread earlier this week with people who have 15k and up miles still on stock engine, like said fresh filters and oil each day will be what you need. If you engine is in great shape now i dont think it will make it all tore up with just 1300 miles on it.

Hey Suikerland, what race are you referring to? A desert race? I've seen your vids on YouTube:applause: and that would be one wild race across the dunes!:thumbsup:

Modern Day Hidalgo!

its this one

dont know if I can get myself ready in 5 months though :ride:

Give it your best shot and keep us posted. You've got the right bike for it!!:thumbsup:

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