GPR Stabilizer feels Loose

I Got the V2 stabilizer from GPR several 2 years ago for my wr426. But after lots of desert use it is starting to feel loose. For instance when the dial is set to 8 (actually any number, the problem is most apparent at #8) the bars have about 1 ½ inches of movement forward and back of free play before the resistance starts. I guess that the oil might have gotten air bubble in it. If this sounds right how do you bleed it? If not what’s wrong with it?

As always, Thanks for the help.

You can get them rebuilt, it is probably due for it. I'd call GPR.

Yeah, I know that scott's services their dampers, and recommends that you send them in for a rebuild every couple of years.

dude i have a brand new one with the same issues with mine. i sent mine in for the same reason, when i got it back it was the same 1-2 inches play. maybe they all suck. mine is version 4 GPR. never again.

Wire-Doc, what did they tell you when you sent yours in to get looked at. Did they tell you thats the way they are. How was ther customer service?

randy is the tech and the guy to ask for. customer service is ok with randy, but the kids that answer the phones are very short with you. i sent in my stabilizer after talking to randy and telling him the problem. i got it back 3 days later and it had the same amount of play:banghead: and now it makes noise when moving side to side. when they sent it back, there was just the stabilizer in the box, no description of the work done, no invoice,nothing. not professional in my opinion. i bought it from the race truck and told them of the problem after i installed it. randy said to me "oh you bought one of those". it turns out "those" were never tested before leaving the shop, because the guy driving the race truck was in a hurry.:thumbsup: i had bought it a week before i called him, and he told me that i got one of the old units. WHAT?! he said since i bought it, improvements had been made, just send it in and he would fix it for free. well in my opinion, it never got fixed. maybe thats just how they are. put your bike on the stand, turn it all the way up and turn the bars. thats when you can really feel the play. sorry but i would never buy another GPR. there are a lot of other options.

Ok, Randy is the guy to talk to. Im going to give them a call on tuesday and see if I can get mine sent in and fixed. If they cant fix it then I will probably go with an RTT not another GPR.

Thanks for the info.:thumbsup:

If Randy can't fix it talk to Ralph or his wife, I've never had a problem with mine I just send it in or meet Ralph at a national race and he takes it off and changes the oil and seals, puts it back on my bike and it's good to go.

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