2001 drz400E will not start/run... help!?

i have an 01 z400e, bought it, ran it that night, has not started since... bike ran good when i picked it up... brought it home, it acted real cold blooded, but it was during the winter so i didnt think much of it, and that is the last time it ran.. all i have managed to get out of it since the night i bought it is a hearty backfire every once in a while... i thought it was bad gas in the carb, so i took the carb off and gave it a good once over... everything appeared to be clean and unclogged, but i cleaned it anyways and re-installed... no difference.. so i made sure it was getting spark.. pulled the plug, turned it over, blue spark... hmmmmm.... so i racked my brain a lil more, bounced iseas off my buddies... came up with timing... so i pull the valve cover.. cam chain appears to be tight, no visable marks of any sort leading me to believe it jumped timing (plus the tensioner seems to be doing its job well) so i decide possibly the magneto and stator assy. may have gone awry... pullt he side cover, and everything looks great, not loose parts, no gouges anywhere, looks as good as new...

so, replaced the gas, brand new plug, fresh clean on the carb, still nothing more than a backfire here and there... it also seems to almost 'push' air OUT the intake instead of in... again, timing maybe?

has anyone heard of this problem before? am i over looking something really simple? is there a common problem on these bikes i am not aware of???

any help/ideas will be greatly apprechiated.. i thought i was okay with a wrench, but this really has me stumpted..

thanks in advance for your comments/ideas/suggestions

my bike wont start. Im trying to get a new sparkplug

welcome seemy and petris

seemy I would check the valves on your bike based on your runnng and no start descriptions...

I've had a similar problem with my E model, especially when it's cold outside, late fall, early spring. In order to get it started I have to crank the throttle wide open many times (it has a pumper carb). Try to start, crank throttle some more. At first, I was afraid I'd flood it, but no problems like that. As long as I start it every couple of weeks during the summer I don't have to do this, but if it sits for a while or it's cold outdoors, I have to go through this procedure. Good luck.

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