\2007 Crf250r Or 2007 Yz250f/

I like both bikes, but I dont know. Im 15, Im 5' 11", and Im 160 pounds. At my local shop they have a left over Blue 07 YZ250F, Red 07 CRF250R and a Black 07 CRF250R. They converted it to a SE CRF. I liked the feel of the Honda clutch cause it felt like a easier pull. But I like the YZF plastics a bit more. But like the UNI-Cam Honda motor. What do you guys think?

I always see this one, Heres my take if you gt a smoking deal on one you can make it better than the other would be however if they both cost the same it breaks down a little differently. In all my experiances on YZFs regardless of 250 or 450, they stand up mid corner, JS says this is because the person had it set up wrong but Im yet to ride one without that problem. I even got highsided by a 250F. The Honda is one of the best handling bikes along with Zooks. The Yam flies over whoops a little bit better than the Honda stock for stock. The motors are a whole nother story though.

The Yam likes to be short shifted and run lower in the RPMs than the Honda however if youre in a situation that shiftingis a bad idea like on a jump face the Honda will wind out its RPMs better. The Honda pulls better but the Yam lugs better.

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