backpacks dirtbikes and camping

looking to leave the truck behind just me and the boy and backpacks and fishing poles live in placerville area looking for spot to ride and camp thanx

i dont know but bump for you and your boy. He is lucky to have a dad like you and you are lucky to have son like him!

Subscribing to this thread. I'm very interested in this topic as well.

People camp and ride up at Georgetown, but I don't think there'd be anyplace to fish up there and it might be a bit more crowde than you're after. Are you looking for a place where you can ride from the truck to the camping area, or a place to camp out of your truck and then ride in the surrounding area?

ive always wanted to camp down by the deep water crossing. Park the bikes, pitch the tent, and fish rock creek either up or down from the crossing. Ive caught a few trout. Public lands for public uses i always say...

looking to leave the truck and ride and explore for a couple of days just bikes and the gear on our backs where we just find a spot and camp move on the next day

p-man. I will pm you a spot but do not post it out to the rest of the world.

Off hwy 20 you can stage near Fuller Lake and ride (mostly roads) past several lakes up to Jackson Meadow's Res. (JMR) All the lakes up there are fishable (well not all, but most). You can fish the Middel Fork of the Yuba that comes out of JMR. That road follows the Middle Fork for several miles all the way back to near Malikoff Diggins.

I think there is plenty of lakes up in the Gold Lakes basin (Hwy 89) that would be accessible for bikes.

For all you quad haters....this is where a utility quad (4X4 wtih racks) really comes into its own! I keep two of them around, so we can load up all the gear we would ever need, and camp off the quads.

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