Smokin pipes

Well my bike has less 10 hours on it, its a brand new 2007 crf250r and when i turn it off there is smoke coming out of the this abnormal? I havnt really noticed till just now when i turned my bike on in the garage just a few minutes ago(this also happend the first time i turned it on). Also my bike is super hard to start cold after i havnt used for like a day. I havnt checked the valves yet and i plan on doing it in the next few days. Could that be a valve problem or maybe an idle problem? i really have no clue so any advice would be awesome.

Thanks, Justin (srry for the long post)

The smoke could just be the packing buring out, but could also be oil sitting in there.

As far as hard to start when cold, mabye try a couple more blips of the throttle before you start kicking it.

if its small amounts of darker smoke dont worry about it

what about white smoke when i first start it?

is there any water in your bikes engine oil? might be able to tell with the dipstick. i was thinking perhaps the head gasket could be damaged causing coolant to leak into the cylinder? random shot in the dark tbh

White smoke usually means water.

really good to know!!!!!!!!!!!ill look into it thanks

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