O'Neal is AWESOME!

Their after sales support and warranty policy is the BEST!

I purchased a pair of their Shorty boots at the start of the season. I love these boots. They are super comfortable and perfect for the type of trail riding and camping that I do.

After about seven trips I noticed that the strap to one of the buckles was starting to tear at the seam. I sent them an e-mail and explained the problem. They asked me to e-mail a photo so they could get a better idea of the problem. I did and I would have been totally happy with having them repair or replace that one boot.

Once they saw the tear they sent me a Return Authorization number and asked me to ship the boots back. No "Where is the receipt" No "You abused them" No "Go to your dealer" None of that crap. Just plain and simple, yep the boot broke, send us yours and we will send you a new pair.

I got my new boots today and I am going riding tomorrow and for the rest of the weekend.

Thanks O'Neal

Hmm interesting. My O'neal's ripped on the right boot from kicking my bike.

They were cheap so I just threw some shoo-goo on them and they are fine now. But I wonder if I call them, will they replace 'em?

ya same with me i bought a pair of boots way back in the day the 2005 i think this season the plastic straps broke one call later and bam new straps for free

that do have good customer service

im sponsored by Oneal and I only use anything with their name on it. their customer service is top notch! :thumbsup:

im sponsored by them also and I think the new Hardwear gear is awsome (looks, comfort, materials), and I'm thinkin about getting their Clutch Boot in silver, point is, I LOVE ONEAL. haha even thoguh im thinkin about going Answer or MSR next year

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