1999 TTR 600 Won't Start after Two weeks storage

Hi Guys

I tried to start my bike after two week of storage and now the bike wont start. The kick start is 3 times as hard to kick and is pretty much impossible to kick and no chance of roll starting the bike because the back wheel just keeps locking up. The kick start is 3x harder to kick that normal. Any ideas whats happened or What i can do to fix it?

Cheers Mark

Have you pulled the plug? Sounds almost like a hydro lock. Does the petcock have a "pri" ) prime setting? If you put it away with the petcock in this position the cylinder may have partly filled up fuel keeping it from turning over.

hi i have tried to pull the plug out but im having trouble getting the socket on? What size socket is it also as its not going on. I may have to remove the rubber piece inside of the socket to get it on? I have tried using a can or aero start we push started the bike in 3rd and its start 1 out of 10 shots but it soon died. Any Ideas why its not starting?

Any help would be much appreciated

Well if you are able to get it to start it's not hydro locked but it would still be a good idea to take a look at the plug. Not sure what size it is. The plug in my wr is 5/8. I would just go buy a new plug (good to have a spare anyway) and see what size it is.

No problem will do that, but if the bike hydro locked does that means it seizes up and wont be able to kick at all?

Because the compression of the bike has tripled for some unknown reason but when you get the piston TDC you have to put all your way on the kick start and jump on it a couple times to its get past that and then it would follow through with the kick?

Sorry Guys im not that good with four stroke's and i don't really have a clue whats wrong or what i should be doing i will try the plug and let you know how we went.

Yes, hydro locked is when fluid fills the combustion chamber and the bike won’t turn over at all because liquid doesn’t compress.

Seems like maybe your auto compression release isn’t adjusted or working correctly but I can’t remember if the tt600 has the function built into the cam or an external lever like the XR used. Is there an adjustable lever on the right side of the motor that moves each time you kick it? If so try adjusting it.

edit: I found a picture of the lever. You can see it at the upper right. Folow the cable to the other end and it should have some adjustment.


If i took the plug out would and kick the bike over would that fix this problem?

So that black cable onto of the head is that the cable you want me to follow? The one thats on the right side of the head and the cable goes backwards towards the rear wheel?

Sorry I'm not to good with bikes and this is the first problem i have really had with the bike

Thanks for your response

Cheers Mark

If i took the plug out would and kick the bike over would that fix this problem?

So that black cable onto of the head is that the cable you want me to follow? The one thats on the right side of the head and the cable goes backwards towards the rear wheel?

Sorry I'm not to good with bikes and this is the first problem i have really had with the bike

Thanks for your response

Cheers Mark

I've circled the decompression lever in red. When you kick start the bike the cable pulls the lever releasing compression. You can have someone hold the lever open while you kick the bike over and if it helps you will know you are on the right track.


I Have An 02 Tt600r After 10,000km Approx Had The Same Problem Turned Out To Be Decompresion Cable Was Frayed Replaced And Adjusted Been Sweet Since

Hi my friend hasn't had anytime to try anything new but my friend told me he just used cheap oil could this be the problem if the oil is to thick ?? Also what the right spark plug, oil amount and oil weight (eg 10w- 40w )that should be run in this bike? I'm righting on behalf of a friend. He doesn't really have any idea as he just come off a road bike which he had a crash on and traded his bike for a dirt bike.

Try going back to the basics. Make sure you aren't using old fuel, take the spark plug out and kick it over a few times (hopefully nothing squirts out of the plug hole). Then put the plug against the cylinder and kick it over, you should have a nice spark jumping the gap on your plug. Change your oil to make sure moisture hasn't built up in the engine thinning out your oil. After long storage periods it's good to change the oil and plug anyway. I am also assuming your exhaust pipe or muffler aren't clogged or plugged.

Was the bike stored outside or in a garage?

hi the bike was sotred outside under the car port

Yea, go back to basics as I stated in my previous post. If you have no spark, then go from there. If you have spark, new fuel, clean air filter, and the fuel is getting to the carb then you should be good to go. Just make sure you try to kick it over without a plug in to make sure it kicks freely.

Ok today we changed the plug the bike kicked over freely with out the plug in it. But we found our problem was the decomp cable was snapped. But we mad our own cable up adjusted it various positions and still was hard to kick. You have to put your full body weight on it at one point until the lever goes down a bit then you can do a complete kick. Then we tried Starting it by holding the decop lever open didn't make it any easy really but it backfired twice. Anyone have a Clue we have done fresh plug fresh gas got spark but just hard to kick changed oil? Also we tried roll starting it in 3rd but just won't start What next?

ok, Hmmm.. It may a more complex issue at this point. Check to make sure the decomp lever is not damaged and is pulling in all the way. At some point, once all options are exhausted you may have to take the top end apart and see what's really going on in there. Hopefully your valves didn't seize in the closed position. But if you said it backfired then we know that the exhaust valve opens. It could be the intake valve. Also you may have to bring it into the shop or adjust the valve timing yourself. There are just soo many possibilities with engines. For all you know moisture could have built up inside and rusted the piston and cylinder, unlikely, but possible.

It is also possible the decomp is not doing it's job, or is seized/broken.

Try ruling out the above.

Tip: Try putting a little bit of fresh fuel into the cylinder through the spark hole and kicing it over.

I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. But CLEAN YOUR CARB. If it starts 1-10 times with aero start then it has started at LEAST Once. Even if it soon dies that should rule out valve problems/seizures, among other top end problems. Im assuming the bike ran before storage, so if it only starts once in a blue moon now and you have air, and spark, as well as new fuel in the tank then I will bet money that the carb is gunked up to hell. When you store a bike, put fuel stabilizer in the tank. that prevents the fuel from clogging up the jets in the carb. Don't use carb cleaner and be lazy. Just take the carb out, bring it inside, take it apart and clean the heck out of it. I can't imagine why it wouldn't start after doing that.

the decomp cable was snapped

Guess I was in the right ball park for part of your problem anyway. Now the question is "why" did it snap.

also, whenever you get around to it, make sure you buy a new decomp cable OEM, don't use makeshift stuff, it turns into makework stuff later.

Gawd I miss my old '83 TT600 :thumbsup:

They are a fun beast to ride but a bear to work on if you don't know what you are doing. ****Do you have a manual?*****

If not I would recommend stopping right now until you get one. Between getting proper adjustments on the controls, adjusting the top end and tuning the carbs you can't even hope to get things correct without a manual.

hmm the oil sounds like its a possiblilty.. but not usually the problem.. have you taken a look at the carb at all? i just bought a ttr and i had the same problem after two days of buying it.. i took the carb all apart, which you can find a realy good step by step in the ttr forums.. and there was my problem, clogged jets, took it completely apart, sprayed some carb cleaner in everything and now it runs like a champ

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