Hyde Racing Skid/Pipe Guard Combo - Issue

Just got mine not all that long ago, I have only about 3 play rides and 2 races on the thing. Both races were muddy, but I didn't set the bike down or get caught up on anything during the play rides or races. I noticed the other day after power washing the bike that the smaller of the two clamps for the pipe (for the narrowest part of the pipe) pulled though the Hyde guard. Upon closer inspection it looks as if it melted through, rather disappointing to say the least.

I e-mailed Jay the same evening or the following - cant remember have been traveling for business - all the days are washed together (was a number of days ago). I gave him a number of days to get back to me to let me know if this was normal or if it was a failure with the Hyde guard. I have yet to hear back from him so I am hoping that he will see this and get back to me, I even offered to send him photos when I get back to my house, still on the road.

All I am really looking for is some kind of a reply from him.

I hope to get one soon, if not I will call him once I am home.

Anyone else have this happen or read or hear about it happening to anyone else?


It sucks when you email a small company about an issue and they don't respond. I had great response time from Synergy, SteelMX, Motopower and a couple others. They all answered my questions in a VERY timely fashion.

I don't own a Hyde but, thanks to the internet, I can go from others experiences and WILL NEVER OWN ONE! I am a small business owner and I understand the value in customer service.

I hope, for your sake that he responds and takes care of the issue. If not, I hope he looses more business than just mine.

Just sent a second e-mail this time to both available e-mail addresses.

I got an auto reply this time from Jay's account (what I sent to last time) that states they are closed until the 27th....

I am still hoping to get some sort of reply.

I have two of them on both my 08 300's and haven't seen this problem and they have been abused alot.

So far they have been great to deal with had mine in only a few days from odering and install was a snap.

Yes, I had the same problem, that is Jay never returning e-mails or phone calls. Product works great, customer service sucks.

careful or he will threaten to sue you for saying something bad

I've not had any problems with mine. I've got 100 hours on mine and it's still golden. A friend of mine has one too and he hasn't had any problems either.....Your bike must be running really hot for the guard to melt. Have you noticed it boiling over recently? My bike boiled over about 8 times today and it still wasn't hot enough to melt the guard. I wonder if your bike is running too lean. :ride: Good luck getting this sorted out. :thumbsup:

I have heard of this happening if you don't use the supplied paper type washers to act as a heat shield. My problem was the supplied clamps that hold it to the exhaust broke; Now I use header tape on the small side of the pipe then use ultra-heavy duty zip ties to hold the skid plate to the pipe. The bike has been raced, bashed on rocks and slammed down on logs, over heated in Moab and the zip ties have not broke nor has the plate shown signs of heat damage.

Good point rogersd! 40oz, did you have the paper washers in place?

Yes, I did put those paper things (washers) on there...my combo guard came with some horrible directions and it never mentioned those (washers) but I was like hey...if they fit on there I will keep them on there. They fit so I left them on the mounting hardware. Just took the plate off to check it out a bit closer, on both mounting bolts on the pipe all the paper things are gone. I am guessing either cooked off the thing or fell apart, but they were there.

Will be interesting to see what happens next. I do like the guard, just the support, instructions and quality seem a bit lacking.

If you don't use the paper insulators, this is exactly what can happen.

When a phone and email message indicate the buisiness is closed, is it fair to expect some kind of contact untill there re-opened, and even then they'd have 100 calls and emails to get through from a long holiday.

Well thats kinda odd...since I mentioned that I used the paper "insulators" even with the lack of instruction to do so. They are now not there due to like i stated in my previous post (if read) due to them either burning off or falling apart.

I also mentioned that my first e-mail and call did not indicate that the business was closed or would be closed. My second e-mail did give me that message. I have not e-mailed or called again (was giving the 'business' some time to catch up and was going to wait until friday if I had not heard anything).

Also the "administrator" e-mail address bounced back (the one that is used for tech related issues: "For customer support or assistance:") due to the inbox being full.

May want to be fully informed and contact the customer off line before putting a foot in the mouth. (Starting to understand the actions at other forums now).

"This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:

TEMP_FAILURE: Gmail tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 452 452 <administrator@hyderacing.com> Mailbox size limit exceeded (state 14)."

Just for a reminder of the installation 'instructions' per the Hyde site for the skid plate:

"Hyde SKID PLATE Installation Instructions


Secure bike in a safe manner...cold motor with fuel shut off.

1. Start with the front bracket: use threaded installation tool to loosely hold the bracket in place.

2. Thread a bolt into the opposite side, slightly snug.

3. Remove the installation tool and insert the second front bracket bolt.

4. Tighten both bolts only enough to hold plate in place.

5. Insert the rear mount bolts.

6. Once all bolts are in place, tighten evenly.

DO NOT use Loctite® on our brackets.

TIP: Once you have determined where the front mount will ride, use a dab of silicone sealer to adhere mount to the frame making it stationary upon removal of plate."


--> though this is not for the combo guard, and no instructions are posted on-line for it I got NO instructions with the plate I still seemed to manage to install it properly WITH the paper insulators.


Good thing this states to use the "paper insulators".

Also, as this will be the third time I have stated this...I used the "paper insulators" even with the lack of instruction to do so.

And yes I, will send a pic to you.

I ordered a pipe guard/skid plate from hyde racing for my 08 300XC they emailed me back the next day and said it would be on back order for a month but they did tell me what shops not too far from me who had some in stock.

I have not had any problems with the spacers melting and tossed the paper things right off the bat. The guard has worked well for me through two USDR races and many weekend rides.

I have no complaints over the guard at all minus the lack of instruction, poor customer service - thus far, and failure.

Minus the above the guard is great, love the thing just not excited that it failed so quickly even with it properly installed - by chance - due to the lack of correct installation instructions or the existence of them.

As I also stated, it was a muddy race and the guard acts like a shovel which probably made the mud act like an insulator and caused the bike to run much hotter than normal.

I have not yet installed the screen mod as yet.

My bike always seems to run hot. Dirt bike Mag say their KTMs were the first to spit fluid out of all their two stroke test bikes.

Have an update I would like to share with the community, however, I just got home and I am exhausted.....

I will post it tomorrow (well later today).

Have an update I would like to share with the community, however, I just got home and I am exhausted.....

I will post it tomorrow (well later today).

How about that update... you said later today... it's been 5+ years.

Kinda like to know how this turned out before spending dollars on this guard/skid plate.

Jeff the pipe/skid combo is fugly. Just run the regular one and bash the crap outta the pipe like me.

Don't buy a P3 unless you like waiting in the dark! I ordered one easily over a month ago, after many messages left, emails sent I have heard NOTHING! But my CC was billed and this seems to be the norm for P3. It doesnt inspire any confidence that's for sure!

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