For those of you who trail ride, what time of GPS do you use?

I am looking at getting one, but dont need anything fancy. Just something to track my route so my arse doesnt get lost. :thumbsup:

I have a Garmin E-trex. It is kind of basic, however, thats all I (and most people reading this thread) need. I paid about $100 at Gander Mountain and it has all the features I need, it's very reliable, and can get you out of a tough situation.

It lays a breadcrumb trail, marks waypoints, has a goto feature, and even comes with major roads preprogramed. It give you average speed, current speed, max speed, time stopped and much much more.

A friend of mine had a really expensive Garmin (forgot the model #) and it took me days to program it for him and figure out how to use most of the features. He still has no clue how to use all the features. :thumbsup:

Start small and work your way up, if you need to. You can alway sell your E-Trex for $70 and get the one with all the bells and whistles if you want to upgrade later.

BTW, Garmin is the leader in GPS technology, so stick with them.

Most of my crowd has been using the Garmin GPSMAP 60 or 76 Cx, the C means color maps and the x means internal SD micro chip. You can put up to 2 gig of maps in a micro SD which is all of Garmin's Street Navigator for the US. The new x series also have upgrade processors so they refresh and zoom very quickly and they have the latest antenna technology so they will recieve in deep forest, and even indoors.

RAM make specific handle bar mounts for both the 60 and 76 that hold them very securely over rough terrain.

Finally if you're shopping don't overlook boal stores like West Marine, for some reason they sell the portable GPS units pretty cheap.

Once you have a good GPS, you can share routes with people all over and you love always knowing exactly where you are. It took my buddies forever to convince me to invest in one, but now I can even imagine riding without one.

And, if you ride alone, check out the new SPOT satellite personal tracker. Incredible technology at a cheap price...let's you send preprogrammed messeages to people from virtually anywhere via satellite and has a 911 feature in a real emergency.

Good luck...

I use the Garmin Etrex with the RAM Mount and love it.


Garmin E-trex legend HCX. Customizable display doubles as a speedo/odo/clock with a backlight. Waterproof and shock resistant with a quick release mount on the bars. It rocks. Kind of expensive though.

GPSMAP 60C in a RAM mount, and a RINO110 for a back up. The RINO has a FMRS radio in it as well, and broadcasts your lat/long to all other rino users within range. My son and I both have 'em for those times when we get...ah...separated. The cheaper RINOs have a small display and don't support much in the way of maps and routes, so I got the 60C for doing the real navigation stuff. The C is an older model with 56M of internal memory rather than the SD card interface, and uses last gen reciever and chip technology, but it's also only about a buck twenty if you shop around.

Contact Garmin Customer Service and ask about buying refurbished units of whatever model you want. They can be LOTS cheaper than new, and are every bit as good.

I have a E Trex legend for trail work, I bought mine for $130 at the local Target, Its simple to use and good for a basic unit. I more recently bought a Garmin Zumo 550 which is their motorcycle specific G.P.S. It works great and is easy to use with all the options but its more of a street oriented unit and a bit overkill for trail riding but real nice on the street.

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