fell on my shoulder hard, anyway to tell if it is broken

i was doing standing weelies (standing on the seat), i let one hand on the handle bar for some reason and lost balance and fell off hard, really hard, i was only doing like 10mph, i fell on my left shoulder, it hurts pretty bad right now, but if something is broken i might as well grab a gun and put myself down, (not really) i can more in pretty much and direction as long as i use my other hand to more it with, i

well i cant move it very good forward and back but still can move it. when i walk i have to hold my arm up oreles its unbearable

id much rather be postign a problem with my bike than me :thumbsup:

Go see a doctor, sheesh. That's step 1.

Far as I know, no one on TT has long-range x-ray vision.

Go and get it checked out . I am one who hates ER's..etc,etc.....but there is a reason that I dont like them...there are sick and hurt people there! You maybe one of em...Many years ago..was practicing for a upcoming race ,fell down..ohh I dont feel good.(but im ok).just sat in the truck ,while some buddies kept going...I didnt feel like driving ..so someone came and got me (but Im ok) Ended up with an emergency surgery 12 hours later..(ruptured spleen) internal bleeding ...etc.etc..point is...get told that you are ok by someone that has knowledge . :thumbsup: Dont be your own Dr all the time...OK?

ok yall, i am going in tommorow, ist worse than i thought, the arm is usless!

this is kinda the storey of my life right here, i was going to go on a riding trip 2 days from now that i have been looking forward too for the past year, we have just got done getting everything final to go, and now this, everyone in my family is pissed at me now and i feel like a ass, i could just go shoot myself but i dont think that would fix anything in the long term.

You must have some skill!!!

Like they said...get it looked at.

I have been in Orthopaedic Surgery for 27 years, and I still haven't developed X-ray eyes.

just got back from the doc, coller bone is broke pertty bad!

i dident ask for youguys to use you X ray eyes, just thought there was something i could feel for in my arm, the doc, dident even need to take an X ray, he just felt that bone and immediatly knew it was broke

I bet it hurt like heck! As far as the family gettin mad...Ive been on both sides...been the one banged up..been the parent that had to change plans...btw...I would rather be the one changing plans...pain sucks...my wife cracked 3 ribs Thanksgiving weekend (bailed on her quad) now she wears shoulder/chest protection-may not have prevented,but may have..all is fine...you will be too...glad you went to Dr take care...

if im sitting with no movment at all the pain is bearable.........but if i try to move it....WOW, thats a whole different storey!!!

i could just go shoot myself but i dont think that would fix anything in the long term.


If you want it done right the 1st time spend a little cash and have dr Mark Fix you up..and you will be riding in 6weeks...

You saw my 12 week post with my other threads ...so you should by now know my story...if not search my threads...

go see the Doc..

Scotty J.

I have never met a fresh broken collarbone I didn't like.

(Or could't get a guy back to racing in six weeks from)

just be happy you didnt separate your shoulder. Whether you need surgery or not, the collar bone will heal as good as new and possibly even stronger (i think).


I did that back in october along with breaking a bone in my hand which i got surgery for. I have been doing PT for my shoulder since January and have been making some pretty hardcore upper body workouts out of it. Although my muscles are pretty strong, they are some types of movements/positions where the shoulder joint is very unstable and weak and if I force myself to apply pressure in these positions it strains the tendon and my shoulder hurts for the next day and my collar bone protrudes from my shoulder even worse than usual. Sorry to lament but every week I find myself saying "i wish i broke my collar bone instead". So, although it sucks now, its only temporary and eventually youll be in the same condition you were before you took the fall. Ill never be.

Having had a fractured collar bone and a seperated shoulder, as well as having treating thousands of them, a sperated shoulder is rarely a long term issue, but 46% of displaced collarbones treated in a sling (and I am one of these) leave athletes with residual shoulder problems, beyond the bump.

I never even think about my shoulder seperation. My collarbone bothers me at least 3 times per week, especially on the bench press.

Seperated shoulder...maybe the only thing I havent done .My son several years ago did . Running full speed..(I dont know how this happened-I turned my head for a sec) somehow got tangled in a volleyball net (in his way?lol) got spun and and slammed down...shoulder was actually out of the socket ,behind where it used to be. Dr...put him out and shoved it back!! :thumbsup: Been 6 years now and he hasnt missed a beat..ahhh to be young again!

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