help please! cant get dowel off

so im doing the rebuild. everything was runnin pretty smoothly till i had to take this dowel off. their are two, the one of the right side pulled right off. this one here on the left wont budge. i have pulled as hard as i can with a set of needle nose plyers and she just doesnt go anywhere. is there a certain method i should know? because i need this bish off! any help would be badass. clymers doesnt really troubleshoot this kinda stuff lol.


Someone probably glued it in. Try heating it with a propane tourch then pulling.

P.S. you don't HAVE to take it out just work around it if nescessary.

i have heated it, pulled, heated again, pulled, heated some more, pulled. nothings happening. damn thing prolly needs to be replaced now and i cant even get it out!

If it's A hollow dowel, put A bolt in the middle then grab it with vice grips.

If it's A hollow dowel, put A bolt in the middle then grab it with vice grips

That's a good idea. You could even tap the inside of the dowel to the bolt size you use.

I've used an Irwin screw extractor to remove a cylinder base dowel before. Worked like a champ. Should be available at Home Depot and Ace Hardware. When you install a new one, give it a light coat of anti-seize lube. Might also be a good idea to work some sand paper in the dowel hole to remove any corrosion before installing a new one.

thanks! i got it out earlier today. i heated the metal up around the dowel a lil longer then what i was before. then put some vice grips on it and she came out with some wiggling! :thumbsup:

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