need a little help from my tt brothers in arms, need to know what states do not title dirt bikes, I was thinkin tennessee but couldn't remember any one know of any :thumbsup:

Michigan doesn't title dirt bikes either (generally).

wisconsin doesn't I'm not sure about IL though.

It is not required in AL. A slow search of used bikes on eBay will result in some answers from the "I don't have a title, becuase it is not required here in the state of ..." sellers.

Texas dosnt require it but it can be done.

When I bought my 98 KX250 new it came with a off road only title or certificate of origin from Kawasaki. You do not need an actual title to transfer ownership of an offroad vehicle in Jersey. I was one of the smart ones that kept track of the "title" for my 98 and gave it back to the dealer when I traded it in on my ZX6R. Most people just hand write out a reciept for used dirtbikes.

Michigan doesn't title dirt bikes either (generally).

Yes they do. We have three that have titles and two of them are plated and street legal, you can even plate a two stroke in Michigan if you want.

well ran into a little snag sellin the bike quite a few greensticker states require them, so going to have to round up a bill of sale for the frame I guess

I think I can get it titled that way, not 100 percent sure though

Look in to what the custom bike (west coast chopper guys) do might can reg it as a ground up build re tag or use the vin on the fame as your own.

Look in to what the custom bike (west coast chopper guys) do might can reg it as a ground up build re tag or use the vin on the fame as your own.

You can't do that because the bike will need to be inspected and the motor vehicle inspector will see the frame is factory. Edit: You also need to be an approved builder I believe. There's a list somewhere on the net of approved motorcycle builders.

Just go to the motor vehicle and ask for a title. You might need to do a pencil transfer on the VIN# or have the bike with you.

Found this: http://dor.mo.gov/mvdl/motorv/forms/108b.pdf

More good reading here about me doing the unthinkable in Washifornia.

I bought a used '03 YZ250 last weekend. It had no title and was never registered anywhere :ride:. Now I have a plate on it:applause: but have to wait three years for the title.:thumbsup:


figured it out can apply for a builder title in Mo then get a vin issued then send in for title, they say 3 to 4 weeks

gota plan fill in the old vin # I will give you a KDX title I have for the frame the motor came out of then you can get a plate scribe the vin # and presto. hell the Chinamen do it all the time.

Nevada doesn't title unless it's street legal.

send it to me matt sounds alot damn easier

hell I will build a nice damn plate and rivet on if ya got it I can use it bud

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