what spring for crf150f

hi all. new here and new to dirt bikes. i got my son a crf150f and he's learning very well. the only problem i see is he's 242 lb.. i need to change the rear shock spring, but is there diff. rated springs or do i just get the bbr spring that is in some of the post i did a search on. he's also 14 and 6 foot tall.

thanks for your reply's:ride:

dude get him a 230!

but yes for hsi sixze the bbr spring would work well

Wow 6' tall 242 lbs. He definitely needs a bigger bike. He will feel really cramped on this bike without a tall seat, bar risers, and so on. this site has a spring rate calculator that will tell you how big the spring will need to be for him. It is not 100% accurate. http://www.racetech.com/evalving/menu/searchdirt.asp punch in the info and it will tell you what spring you need.

man ...that poor 150..........dont know if you could get a 150 right for someone that size..........

You need to revalve the shock when you put a heavy spring in it for it to work correctly.

4strokeridertt, is there a kit or something to help tell me what valving and oil to use?

yes i know he needs a bigger bike. i let him ride my DR-Z 400e and he road it better than the 150. but for now thats what he has to learn on. i need to find some good trails to take him and his sister(XR80) out on, so they can learn how to ride over trees and what ever is in the way.

thanks for your reply's, just placed my first order with TT...:thumbsup:

theres no kit

but you can the shock to hlebo bros. (google it)

and they will revalve and spring it to your size/riding style

the forks may just need some heavy springs and preload.

Do I senses that we're getting burned? I know that sounds insensitive, but I think someone's having some from with my fellow thumpertalkers. Besides, I should be the only one harrassing everyone here. :thumbsup:

If it is the stock rear shock Hlebos is the only guy I know that revalves them, it is really a must with a heavy spring.

Check the stickies for the fork mod which you should be able to do yourself.

Spacers and heavy oil should do the trick for trail riding. At his size if he gets moving on it you will need to do some heavier fork springs.

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