Fist Fall And Ho No What S Going On???

HERE we go, ad my first small fall today. it went pretty well, and my friend s said it look really nice. the problem is, it was a very small bike drop really, and for some reason it seems like i have to keep the handlebar a little to one side to go straight... a very little tiny bit. nothing seems bent and i canot imagine droping the bike on it s side will bent the fork or something?? the bike runs very well, no shaking a fast speed. coud t it be that it mouved a bit, is there a way to adjust that?

thanks for your help, can t wait for the next fall:bonk:

The stock bars on the XR-L might as well be made from gouda cheese. Your bars are likely bent, home-slice.

Loosen your lower triple clamps, You may have just twisted your forks a bit. You will hear them as you loosen the bolts.

sorry my no knowledge, wath is the lower triple clamps?

thaks for your help, really appreciate it

these things...they are what holds your forks. loosed the bolts and realing your bars and front wheel, no biggie it happens all the time on bikes. Torque them back up and your good. NOW if your bars are bent then thats that you need to change them, take any pads off and look closely to see if its the bars or not




you guys are my heros, did the triple clamps thing and it worked... my handlebars are find, but thinking off getting some that are not made off cheese. thanks for telling me it happens all the time... i had a very bad afternoon thinking i ****ed up my new bike and telling my wife i needed to spend xxx$... i'm sure you all know that feeling in the stomack...:thumbsup:

thanks a million


Dang Rman, where'd you find a Sasquatch to model the hand that photo?

Dang Rman, where'd you find a Sasquatch to model the hand that photo?


I think MXJunky will fit in just fine in this forum...

Martinfan30 thinks MXJunky and DENN10 may become CLOSE friends...

BAHAHAHA :ride::thumbsup:


PRO TAPER BARS...there indestructable and look bitchen, you can find deals on them for $50

Dang Rman, where'd you find a Sasquatch to model the hand that photo?

Who you callin Sasquatch dude!!? Thats my ex ol' lady's hand!:thumbsup::ride::bonk:


Sploogemonkey backs away slowly from the computer..........

Did this thread just make a left hand turn?

I've seen the movies...It aint pretty.

Gettin away from hairy hands and back to bars...

i bent my stock bars on my first fall, they are trash.

Go for higher bars, it's like a whole new bike.

Renthal or Pro Taper all good. I have Pro Taper Windham, nice.

I've seen the movies...It aint pretty.

Denn's ultimate "wet" dream. :thumbsup:

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