2002 yz125 forks to stiff help!

Whats the easyest way to get some oil out of my forks aside front turning the bike upside down?? I can't get in from the caps, the insides wont pull out??? I need my forks plush like mt old xr 250 was(yes i'm old so what)... help me out lads! Where the hell is the drain screws????????????

did you just put some new fluid in them? this may be silly but have you adjusted the preload nuts for your weight?

Where are the preload nuts on forks? I have the screws out to the softest settings but forks are still way to stiff. I hear taking out some fluid will make the forks softer...

since i dont have one i cant say with 100% but from what i remember the kyb you need to install a spacer under the cap on top of the spring. I havent done this on an 02 so i would wait for someone who has to chime in.

and yes changing the fork oil height does change the stiffness but i would recommend doing this with a different weight oil rather than removing oil.

If you have to remove oil the proper method would be to use a syringe so you know you are pulling the same amount of oil from both forks from the top cap.

edit. in the first post i said preload nut but after that i realized what i was talking about. Conventional forks typically have a preload nut but upside down forks i dont believe do.

Make sure the forks aren't bound up due to a front tire change. Loosen the right side axle pinch bolts and cycle the suspention to check.

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