CRF230L Jetting

Has anybody rejetted their 230Ls yet? I am curious to know if and what improvements are gained on this petircualar bike. Thanks for the input ahead of time :thumbsup:

I am looking around on how to rejet my 230L, what is the best way/parts to use for this??

This worked pretty well for me:

main jet: from stock 118 to 122.5

pilot: from stock 35 to 38

after market kit to remove air pump and charcoal cannister

stock pipe (I like it quiet since I do alot of trail finding)

replace air screw with after market kit that has remote tuning capability

It's still way unerpowered

I'm a crummy mechanic so I'd be interested in what others have done

installed a tailpiece from frank at xr100, it made some more noise but not a lot, before it was so quite you could hear oil splashing around inside or so it

seemed ! i too put a couple sizes larger jets in it too, also drilled a couple holes in the air box, i also put 1 tooth larger front sprocket and i swear it runs better then before ! with these minor mod's we got about 5 mph more out of it, with a good tail wind, lol ! don't think you can do much more without adding compression and cams and such to get much more out of it !

think at that point it would be easier to buy something bigger if it does not fill your needs .

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