Cleaning oil off radiator

Try as I might, I spill oil on the radiator every oil change. Now there's a nice wide streak of sludge down the fins.

Any suggestions on how to get it off? I've taken the radiators off the bike and hosed them down with thumb-pressure, but no luck. Is there a good solvent out there for this kind of thing?

Might try brake cleaner? It doesn't leave any residue and flashes off.

use simple green, spray it on and let sit for a few mins and hose off with garden hose and an attachment that you can get a little pressure stream out of, no worries SG works wonders on everything i own from bikes to cars

use simple green

I'll give that a shot before the brake cleaner. Better for the environment, you know. :thumbsup:

Fastenal has some stuff called PSC. "plastice safe cleaner" in a can. It will cut the thinker layer of stuff off that the simple green can get through. And it wont hurt the paint, react with the aluminum or the black anodizing on the fins like brake clean can.

It comes in a can just like brake cleaner/carb cleaner. Basiclly it is alcohol in a can with grease cutters with some pressure behind it to knock the stuff off. With out the damaging effects of carb/brake cleaner. So you can spray it all over and not have to worry about overspray and accidents.

It will get the heavy stuff off. Then use the engine degreaser(diesel in a can) or simple green to get the oily film off.

FYI ripper - simple grean cuts through the waterproof grease i use on my air filter!! Yeah i know people dont think it does but i put the filter in a bucket seal down a pour a little SG in it and let it sit a few minutes and it cuts through the filter oil easily and the grease!! SG works on everything and it works well!!

OK...i sorry...i go away now...:ride::thumbsup:

ditto on the SG. I use it on all metal parts and air filter when I'm cleaning....just keep it ff the plastics

it doesnt hurt the plastics either! ive used it for years and i actually spray a fine mist and wipe down and ive had people say how they look shiny and clean. Not slippery or wet its fine to spray your whole bike down with, thats what ive done for alot of years!!. I use on my autos and clean the engine compartment at least once a year, just spray everywhere and hose of with pressure

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