only $250 to make the new 690 smc/enduro all black!!!

yes folks, ktm has all the part numbers for the pieces that are orange to be changed to black. so.... all the plastics can be made black for only $253 retail. just an FYI.

now i'm going to look into the decals to go back onto the front spoilers and rear fenders, if people still wanted to have decals on them.

the stock decals are back ordered until July

ok that was quick! ktm has all the fiches up already for this bike.

what stinks is the only way to get the decals for the rear fender and the front spoilers as of now is to buy the whole decal kit which is $116 retail.

it would probably look really slick and stealthy with no decals at all though.

just another FYI!

the stock decals are back ordered until July

yes, this is true. i say "who needs em!" i think it will look really stealthy just all black w/o them at all.

yes, this is true. i say "who needs em!" i think it will look really stealthy just all black w/o them at all.

+1 for no decals and all blacked out

Any more news mcjasonb? cause I just read july/august for deliveries? :mad::ride::thumbsup::lol::bonk:

I saw on ************** -- three items listed for 2008 690 (front and rear fender and light mask) . Could you tell me where you saw other items listed or was it through a dealer? Thanks.

do they have the black shrouds yet?

do they have the black shrouds yet?

every single piece has a part number listed and was available when i checked. i can't remember exactly what page on ktm i saw them but they are there somewhere.

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