Rear bolt size?

I need to buy a wrench for the trails for my rear axle bolt, can anyone verify the size of it? 2006 SM


I belive it is 24mm:prof:

Is that 12/13? That is the size RockymountainMC is stating fits the bike.

In the toolkit it has a 22 and a 24. I have a big wrench set that included bothe but I cant remember which is which. My bet would be rear ids 24. You can get a little shallow socket from Motion pro in 3/8 drive for cheap. i was going to buy 2 motion pro combo levers for like $25 each, one in 22 and one in 24 until I saw these. Buddy gets them cheap, like $4.50 ea.

Thanks for the tip, I have the little ratchet tool in a MSR kit I bought, I wasn't sure if I will need a bigger wrench for the torque but I guess not.

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