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Weird ticking noise from engine on decel, not drive chain, ideas?

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My engine starting making this weird ticking noise recently. I

mainly notice is when I

> come down from a sustained high RPM to a low RPM, such as when you

pull off the

> freeway and come to a stop. The noise lasts for about 30 seconds

and then goes away.f

> you burp the throttle you can make it go away quicker. It is not a

super loud noise, but it

> definitely audible. It is a higher pitched sound, not a low pitched

sound. I cannot get it to

> make the noise unless the motor is ran at a sustained high RPM and

brought down to idle.

> It may be making the noise at other times, but this is when I hear it.


> Bike is a 2006 Dr650se w/ 10.5k miles. I do oil changes every 2k

miles w/ motul 10w40

> and a Hi-Flo or suzuki filter.


> I thought it was loose valves so i did not a valve adjustment and an

oil change and the

> sound is still present. When I did the valve adjustment there was a

loose intake valve, but

> nothing major. The oil change had a couple of tiny little silver

pieces stuck to the magnet,

> about 1.5-2MM long by about .25-.5mm thick. This kind of scared me

so I cut apart the

> oil filter to check further but did not find anything.


> I brought my bike by a friend who is a mechanic and emptied the oil

into a clean pan,

> maybe on 50 miles on fresh oil though, oil did not have sparkles in

it, but there was a

> small piece of metal stuck to drain plug, he said it appeared to be

gearbox metal, common

> on dirt bikes...


> A friend of mine suggested that it may be the timing chain

tensioner, but I think this bike

> a has a hydraulic tensioner? He said pull the cap off the end of it

and put a small amount

> of pressure on it to see if it is stuck between ratchets, is this

right for this bike?


> Any ideas? I know its not too bright to ask a people who have not

heard it on the internet,

> but I figured it was worth a shot.


> Thanks,


> Chris


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You said your friend was a mechanic. What did he say about it? It's hard to get an idea not being able to hear it.

Has it always done this. Did anyone do anything to the bike before this started?

Sorry I can't help. I would think your friend the mechanic would have an idea where the sound is comming from and give you an idea of what it might be.

Hope you figure it out.....

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My friend the mechanic is a car mechanic, he was saying what he thought it would be if it were a car

What did you do to fix the sticking valve?

I tried adjusting the valves again, this time a little tighter, still within spec, noise still there

Noise comes when you come down from a sustained rpm to a stop, with the clutch in, it seems like I can make it go away if I feather the clutch

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I "did" nothing. I switched to running on synthetic oil and the ticking stopped.

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