whats with the goggles?

just wondering why most riders rip they're goggles off as soon as they crash. :thumbsup: i generally take a sec to make sure i am still alive then move my extremities before i even consider my eye sight.

BTW im not a racer if it matters.

I would have to say frustration mostly, cooling a far distant second.

The only time my goggles come off is when I pull off the track or I have ran out of tear-offs and can't see a thing. Come to think of it I don't think I have ever taken them off after I have crashed.

probably just a spur of the moment thang.. cuz i know i would just throw them off

I have no idea as to the real reason, but my first guess would be to prevent them from fogging. If they know they're not hurt and are going to be picking up the bike and restarting it asap, the last thing they're gonna want is to try to get back into the race with goggles they can't see through...

I dont take them off when I crash unless they are fogging up.

maybe sand/dirt got in there. it happened when i crashed, but it also wasnt the first thing i did.

I have wrecked hard I think 4 times and as soon as i can move my helmet comes off. Or if im racing nothing comes off and im running for my bike or getting out of the way.

I never really thought about it, but as soon as I hit the ground, sometimes still rolling, there goes the goggles.

I think like bthomas said, frustration, then the cooling.

I figured it had to do with feeling more comfortable and heat or something. I wouldnt want to be lying on the ground in intense pain with a helmet on strapped tight and goggles covering my face, thats just me though

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