Jumping the sm

Just wanted to let any one else like me that didnt know if you really jump your sm and your rear tire is wider than stock you can rip your rear blinkers off and or stuff your tire into your exhaust lol my senerio about a 2 foot jump at around 30-40 mph with a 150-60 17 distenzia and i had aftermarket low pro blinkers in the stock mounts that got ripped off and only some rubber left on the yosh exhaust

That happens to be VERY valuable info for noob reference...

Thx for being real.

my senerio about a 2 foot jump at around 30-40 mph

There's your problem.

I'm no jumping pro, but my SM at the track was clearing 2-3ft. doubles at like 20mph. 40 sounds WAY too fast. FWIW, I had all my blinkers and stuff taken off.

Were you running an aftermarket tail setup or the huge stocker?

After taking my SM to an enduro track and accidently overshooting some tabletops, I noticed rubber on my RS-2. Need to put some spacers on. No problems with the blinkies though. Oh, and mine still has the stock rear tire and blinkies.

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