rib fracture

Went down in the whoops during a LLQ race and landed on my right side. The ER report was rib contusions and knee effusion. They did a cat scan but I told them I was alergic to Iodine so I think they couldnt do the contrast with the cat scan...Forgive me if Im getting the medical terms a little off, that was my impression of what happened.

My problem is the ribs are hurting worse every day to where sneezing and coughing is hell, and even picking up a paper cup off the table made me stop in my tracks. Im wondering should I make another trip in for some xrays. I didn't have xrays (except for the knee)in the ER first time around I dont think, I have read about fluid build up and collapsed lungs and its a bit unnerving.

I have broke and or cracked ribs 3 times and it always hurts like heck to sneeze, cough, and laugh. As for seeing a Doc, I never have for just ribs but my wife punctured a lung with one of hers got broke but everyone knew there was a problem right away. Good luck.


Yikes, did she puncture it during the accident or later? That had to be a rough time....

I have fractured three ribs in one crash and it isn't a pleasant experience. Everything you do will remind you of the injury. As mentioned sneezing, coughing etc really lets you know you are alive and feeling pain!

I recommend seeing a doctor and getting X-Rayed because you never know what's going on at the fracture site. There could be sharp or jagged edges just waiting to cause problems. It's better to be safe than sorry.

pieplatesnductape she did it all at the same time along with a ruptured spleen and liver. It was a rough time. It was a car wreck.


I would have x-rays done for sure just to verify! I had similiar situation about 2 years ago and didn't think anything truly wrong - as I ended up doing 60 bags of mulch a few days after my accident to relieve my wifes demands. Afterwards, she said "you really should have your ribs looked at...."

The doc came in and said, "you must have an extremely high tolerance for pain, because you have 2 fractured ribs!". If I was smart I would've done it before spreading 60 bags of mulch!!!

I just cracked a rib or two last week. I hate to spend the dough on the doc when he'll just slap you on the ass and seen you out with drugs and a bill. However, I like drugs and would like to be checked out just in case. It'll shut my wife up too!

Here's to sleeping in recliners!


Thanks all for the advice....Think I will make an appt, saw a N.P. the other day, who said its not worth an xray, but it sure would make me feel better to have a pic just to be sure everything is lined up....now its time for an ortho to look at the knees, the one hurt in the wreck is now stronger than the other one, think I tore something in the 'good knee' while trying to favor the banged up knee....:thumbsup:

I got my X-ray today...No broken ribs! That was a surprise, because it sure felt like something was broken! The doc said I'm prolly just bruised and messed up the ligature in/around my ribs (something to that effect.).

He also said (as I've heard 1000 times) that there's nothing he could do for me. Broken ribs or otherwise. It was nice to hear I was still in tact but, blowing dough on the doc was not so nice.

I guess I'll be doin' this :thumbsup: sooner than had hoped for!

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