Oil on the back tire and dripping off swingarm...YIKES

Help I purchased a 2000 XR650R and have been riding it for about a month. It seemed to have an appetite for oil but I went out tonight and when I came back there was oil on the back tire on teh change side and dripping off swingarm. OK so where do I start and what are the most likely culprit? This is my first XR650R, I was hoping for a summer of fun. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

output shaft seal.

clean the bike up all over and take it for a quick spin, look and find where its coming from. We can throw ideas and get you close but you gotta dig in and look to find exactly where it is

If it happens to be the countershaft seal (behind the front sprocket), this can be fixed by removing the front sprocket, then the Circlip holding the seal, then replacing the seal (part number is maybe 935561-001 ??). If you overfill the oil, this seal will tend to blow itself out.:thumbsup: While maybe not common to have happen, it definately is something that does happen on the 650R. Please let us know where it was leaking oil. Good luck:ride:

very easy to over fill the pigs....follow the owner's manual when checking the oil....take the bike out for a ride, warm it up, immediately (well, within 1 minute) check the oil. Add if necessary, don't fill above full mark.

Is it coming from the airbox drain (little black rubber thingie on bottom of the side panel)? If so could be an over oiled filter or too much oil in bike, exiting through the breather tube into the airbox.

Hey guys I appreciate all the ideas of what to look for. I plan on working on it this weekend so I will let you know what I find out. Thanks again.

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