Leaky somethin?

I have been noticing a small puddle uder my bike lately.The bike is on a stand so its completely vertical and it leaks a little bit of gas out of the overflow.But the stuff leaking out smells like gas but is clear and doesnt feel oily.It seems to run fine but im a little concerned.

Is it coming from one of the carb vent hoses, or radiator overflow hose?

Carb, and when I turn my gas off, it stops.

Make sure the carb is mounted properly, not twisted to one side or the other. Then check the float level. If all is good, it may be the needle valve that stops the flow to the carb when the float bowl is full.

Would it hurt to ride it like this?I dont really feel like getting into the carb right now.

It shouldnt hurt to ride it like that, you probably just have a bit of a leaky needle valve, it should still be replaced asap

carb float height off?

i had the same problem with my 250 if its coming out of your overflow its your float level and if its comming from else where its your float gasket and or oring on bottom of your carb and also make sure your carb is straight

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