Places not to buy from

everyone always ask where to buy stuff, how about where NOT to buy from? and why?

ill start by saying

should be

took me 2 months to get a jet kit and a fuel screw, jet kit in like3 weeks and fuel screw just today, ordered march 9th

I havent ordered from a bad company yet. So I'll tell you Dennis Kirk, BTO motorsports and my local Honda dealer ALL ROCK! (only places I ever ordered from:excuseme: )

eBay is pretty up in the air, sometimes its fast others it's slow. Any Suzuki dealer I find to take 3 weeks to get in parts that should be on their shelves. All Suzuki's bikes are made of 8mm bolts and guess what? I had to order them in!! Talk about keeping ontop of things. I found to be a fast source of parts with no mixups. Oh yeahh and my local Yamaha dealer took 1 month to find some graphics I wanted and another 5 weeks to get them in. I ordered the same graphics off of and got them in 8 days. :thumbsup:

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