Top end rebuild question: Installing Exhaust Cam

I did a top end rebuild tonight and I want to make sure I put the exhaust cam and timing chain back together properly. Here is my question: When installing the exhaust cam and timing chain , does the timing chain and exhaust cam rest directly on the plastic cam guide. When I installed mine i had to put the black plastic cam guide under tension to get the exhaust cam in place. I didn't remember it being tight when I took it apart. I checked the manual and it looks correct but I wanted to get some input before I kicked it over.

Make sure you have removed the chain tensioner, otherwise it's a tight squeeze. Then put the flywheel at TDC mark, install EX cam with alignment dots at 9 and 12 o'clock, install IN cam with alignment dots at 12 and 3 o'clock, count 15 links from EX 12 o'clock dot to IN 12 o'clock dot, torque down the bolts, reinstall the tensioner, check valve clearances, button her up and go.

There's a really good cam installation video on the Hot Cams website:

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