another oil thread

anyone heard of or use castrol activ 4t 15w-50?

i saw it today and is relatively well priced and comes in 4 litre. just thought it would be good for the regular oil changes ill be doing.

I use it at the shop for my customers who don't prefer synthetic. I have also used it in my SV650 racebike which for some reason does not like synth and have no issues what so ever.

The price is right, it is motorcycle specific and meets manufacturer standards so no chance of voiding a warranty.

thats what i was thinking...its just so much cheaper... i dont think i can afford to spend as much as some synthetics cost everytime i change oil.

i think ill change it twice as much as if i had synthetic and it will still be less than half the price with double the amount of changes...

this stuff 4lt $32 AUD

synth i looked at 4lt $70AUD

sorry double posted

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