Anybody using the Merge Racing ALJ

I ordered the product in hopes of being able to further dial in my 08 Kx 450F.

I should have looked at the installation instructions first. It requires modification of the float bowl (a small hole drilled and the leak jet plugged).

I thought it was bolt on. I'm hesitant to commit to the product (by modding the bowl) without knowing the results and not being able to go back without replacing the bowl.

I'm interested in any first hand experience.


they work nicely.great product by a great company that doesnt make any ridiculous claims.

comes with a jig to make the hole.

It's well worth installing it. You can plug the hole when you are done, it's a very small hole.

I've got on and was hesitant to drill a hole in the bowl but would not look back it really does help.

I installed one on my wife's CRF150RB and it seems to have cured the off idle bog she was having problems with while trail riding. It's an easy install, much easier if you have a drill press. It's pretty much fool proof with the included drill jig.

I have installed one on my 08 WR. Use a drill press, a couple blocks of wood to safely support the bowl. BTW, if for some reason, you want to return it to stock, contact Merge, they will provide you with a ball bearing plug for the hole.

This has turned a 30 minute carb pull to tweak he leak jet into a 5 second tweak with a screw driver. A great piece of hardware and an absolute must on bikes where the carb is hard at.

What is the bog that people talk about on four strokes? Do these kind of modifications make it more responsive at low revs?

If you are unfamiliar with a bog, count your blessings. There are different types of bogs though most are due to a lean condition caused by rapid opening of the throttle.

Hmm, i think it would be wasted on my bike, i like to ride smoothly and never really get chance to open the throttle quickly on the 450.

If you have no issues, then you do not need it. Too many buy parts "just because" and often only succeed in slowing their bike down.

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