Finally got the package from FSW...

I came home extremely tired from a long week at work and was going to take a nap...

Then I saw the package from Four Stroke Works, and about 3 minutes later I was in the garage turning wrenches like a one man pit crew.

I put the header on first to see what kind of difference it made by itself. I only rode up and down the street a few times, but it seemed to make a good bit of difference.

Then I did the breather.

The only problem I had was getting the 1/2 inch hose onto the part coming out of the crankcase. Did anyone else have trouble with this?

The hose I got from FSW was definitely a little smaller in diameter than the stock one. I tried to do it without tearing the bike apart, but finally had to take the tank/carb off to really get some elbow grease on it.

I never did get it fully seated, but got it far enough that it's secure and the clamp has a good solid bite around it.

I rode a few more street laps and it seemed like it made almost as big a difference as the header. Very pleased so far, but I wont know the full extent until I go riding... probably tomorrow :thumbsup:

Right on. If you're ever feeling the urge to take off the breather and try again, soak the end in boiling water for a minute and it should slide right on. Sometimes dish soap can help lube it up, too.

I'm looking to ride Rainbow Falls with the kids on Monday if you're around.

If you're ever feeling the urge to take off the breather and try again, soak the end in boiling water for a minute and it should slide right on. Sometimes dish soap can help lube it up, too.

Or a little oil or WD40! Word to the wise, don't drop anything like a bolt down that when you have the tube off. You'll end up having to split the cases. Don't ask me how I know...... :thumbsup:

Hey Rob, glad to see your stuff arrived. I used 5/8" hose on my breather, it went onto on the case a lot easier. Besides that it should be pretty straight forward for ya.

Where is this Rainbow Falls Co Kings? I might be up for a little adventure myself on Monday. :thumbsup:

about the boiling water...

That would have been a great idea. I was going to use my heat gun but couldnt find it. (I still have stuff in boxes from the last move lol)

I actually fired up the 4 wheeler and tried to heat it up with the exhaust. It worked, sort of, but not as good as water would have. Plus, I felt really dumb while I was doing it lol. I knew there was a better way, but was in too much of a hurry to think of one.

Took the bike out to Old Sage Road today with some friends. Very noticeable difference in power. I was running with a CRF250R, almost dead even at high speeds. I didnt pop a lot of wheelies, but I need some new tires on the back and the gravel wouldnt let me bite real good on the wide trails. I did throw serious roost in about 7 different directions though before I got it straightened out lol. Also, I just suck at wheelies.

I stayed about even with the WR250 up until about 4th gear, then he gained a little on me, not much. If I had had more road I think I would have gotten him on the top end.

I also noticed it was a lot easier to get up in the air a little off the humps in the trails, even in middle gears.

As far as riding rainbow falls, I would love to go, but I have to be in boulder monday to run that 10k. I will be there next time though.

Hey dog, toss up a pic of that header if you have one.

I'll take one as soon as I can. I went out and got muddy yesterday, should make for a good picture.

Could you please post a picture of the breather mod as well. I'm trying to picture The routing of the hose and were the filter is positioned.

Here's how I did mine, version 1, stock vent hose:


I got worried about water entering, though, and soon bought a longer vent hose and did this, filter under the seat on top of the air box:


Just some ideas for you. Lots of different ways you could do it.

Mine is very similar to picture #2, but I just dropped the filter over the side into the airbox. Ziptied it about the same place. I'll take some pics soon. been gone all weekend.

I'm thinking about painting the heat shield black to match the header. Anyone know a best type of paint to use? Or is there one?

There are a couple places off Platte Ave (just off Powers) that will powder coat for cheap. Either that, or get some hi-temp duplicolor exhaust paint. I used it on my header and it's still nice and black.

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