TG jetting

this is probably a dumb ? but the 08 tg jetting will work in my 04 250f correct? or should i use the 04 specs? sry guys ima newbie when it comes to jetting

I'm pretty sure they're different. I think the stock is different.

itl work and if you're stock itll be better. How ever if you read the jetting201 post thats a sticky it'll explain how to jet the bike right.

will the 08 settings really work on the 04 since the stock settings are so different? Also, why are there no TG settings for the 04 or 05?

Yes they will work. How ever will they be the best you can do? Nope..

You need to take time to jet correctly. You're looking for a quick awnser so you don't have to work.

I say just run what ever it's not my bike hahha.. Just kidding..

On a serious note.. The team Green and PC are just starting points. you realy should go through and set it up correctly.

yea ive read the 201 post i was just wondering what would be a better starting point.

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