big bore KTM jetting

would a big bore bike require different jetting than the stock motor? it is a 06 tkm 525xc with a 576 stroker kit. bike is running hot and bogs hard. all mods done, pipe, air filter, ect. using engine ice does not seem to help.what would be a good starting point for jetting. we ride so-cal desert 0-4000 feet. if any other info is needed let me know. thanks

what tell you its running hot?

what is the current jetting?

FIrst off a new bore is going to make more heat until broken in! I always adviese riders with new bikes or new bore/hone to spend a day that does not involve ridng slow. The worst thing you can do with a new bore is follow a group on a grid lock trail.

If your monitoring heat by it burping coolant out the overflow first question is how full was the radiator? Anything over 1/4 inch above the fins in the top tank is going to burp out at normal opporating temp.

Perfect world jetting for your bigger engine is very slightly smaller jets than was perfect as a 525. The question Eddie is trying to find out is was it perfect before? We need to start with what needle is in the carb?

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