spring poker run??

i just got clearance for the run... i will be there!!! yessssss!! i don't know if i will have to work on sunday or not... i hope not!! if i don't i will be camping out there that night... who is going to be there? anyone camping... im sure i will end up hanging with elimn8tor23 (tony) if he goes... anyone is welcome to join me and my family. i do want to do the long loop this time... i want to run with a group that is fairly quick and less stops this time. but open for anything! trevor u going? post if you are going and want to ride in a group... maybe we can get to groups going... a faster one and a slower one. its a blast to do... and put on by a lot of great people!! and alot of TT peeps there!

I'll be looking for a group as well. I'm an intermediate rider in pretty good shape right now.

Well, you all know where you'll find me...

At the front gate "greeting" the masses and watching the sullen faces of the quad riders when they find out 500 motorcyclist will be on the trail.:thumbsup:

Well, you all know where you'll find me...

At the front gate "greeting" the masses and watching the sullen faces of the quad riders when they find out 500 motorcyclist will be on the trail.:ride:

hehe i love that!

i will have a quad with me but its for later that night... crf doesn't have a light and just because there is no light doesn't mean i can't ride!! :thumbsup: and my wife may come with to play on the trails.

thumper33 you can ride and hang with me if you want. sounds like we are the same speed. if not... close enough... always up to chase someone faster than myself, or wait for someone slower!! as long as we are on the trails and on the bikes!!

I'll be there this time around. Td, are you camping this time around?

on sat night yes!

I'll go. I should have a new (used) talon/excel wheel by the end of the week. Also have some AC10's for the rear, Baja for the front, Pro Taper Evo's to replace the butter bars, did t-ring chain and steel sprockets to complete it out. Just got to put it together this week.

nice broken... it will be a new bike!

i maybe able to do that... not sure yet!!

I agree. Long loop this time around. :thumbsup:

I forgot to pre-register. When I register at the Poker Run, can I pay with a check?

You've got a week to go cash that check! :thumbsup:

yep... you need cash! as far as i can remember no checks. plus come on its aweek away. and there is an atm right off the highway in castlerock on the way to flatrocks. :thumbsup:

yep... you need cash! as far as i can remember no checks. plus come on its aweek away. and there is an atm right off the highway in castlerock on the way to flatrocks. :ride:

Geez, I know! Okay, ill go get cash. :thumbsup::bonk:


Guys, just so you know, we will take a check.:thumbsup:

and as you know, any $$ I collect at the front gate in donations go right back to the trails.

Also if you care, I spent some time last weeked with the Ranger on some of the new trail (the ATV/Multiple use stuff) and it should be cool! Thinking we might be riding some of that before summer ends...Damn that walking sucks!

Singletrack is still being worked on. Guys flagging trail tread as I type this...

Gonna be sweet!

can't wait rod!! rampart is always a blast. when its not over crowded! :thumbsup:

500 plus on a trail thats not crowded????

500 plus on a trail thats not crowded????

Not for the Poker Run...we usually have between 300-400. Fast guys tend to start first, families and guys like me start later.

It's non-competetive. Two loops, short 15-20 mile "family" then another 20-40 mile long loop.

You might have one or two places where some young-uns need to be passed but overall a "crowded" feeling is not really an issue.

and its one direction! it really isnt bad... its fun! if you havent done one come out with us!

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