Quick and dirty?

Hi everyone--thanks for having me. A buddy of mine just bought a new 07' WR250f and just wanted a few quick and dirty tips from the pros.

--Anything "have to's" to be done right off the bat?

--Stock or aftermarket pipe?

--Any big no-no's?

Thanks in advance!


-change the oil after the first hour of riding, then after each ride for the next few rides. don't go as long as the manual says, the first oil change will be filthy. get that crap outta there fast!

-keep your air filter clean! I like no-toil, because then I can wash my filter in the laundry tub. it's biodegradable, no bad chemicals.

-have fun!

Make sure they do the grey wire stuff, get barkbusters,Stock stuff is pretty good to start with but ride the bike for a while and see where you feel it needs to be boosted and work from there. Make sure you guys do do regular maintenance, i change my oil every 100 miles or every 4 rides. Extreme yes but i have never had any motor related problems.


www.thumperfaq.com has most of the other mods. Most still apply to '07 bikes but some changes (ie. the "grey wire" is in a different location, but it's been discussed on here as nauseum so a search should turn it up).

If you have the stock throttle stop you only get about 3/4 throttle. I wanted to sell mine until I found out about that.

I hated mine until I installed the F2 Racing Demissions Kit (jetting & AIS removal)

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