Rm 125 Power Valve?

friend just bought a rm125 and it had the power valve removed.

is this better for racing? why would they have removed it? it did still come with it and he was wondering if he should put it back in?

and i have 0 experience with power valves.

thanks in advance for any help! :thumbsup:

Put it back in. Nothing is gained by having it out.

Something similar happened to my nephew, he bought a KX with the power valves removed. Previous owner had claimed it was to make the bike a bit more easy going for his son to learn on and hit less in the mid range. It sounded a bit odd to me and upon inspection it was actually because the gears on the valves were stripped (obviously replaced after a rebuild incorrectly) and he didn't want to buy any more.

Without the valves the ports were far too big and the bike did nothing below full revs, it ran like it was too rich and smoked and dribbled oil blow out of the govenor covers. When he put some new valves back in the bike ran great and pulled from the bottom like a train. Like a new machine.

Put them back in, but before you do check the condition of them and the cylinder where they fit. A good manual should tell you what to look for.

Removal of power valves on any two-stroke is a hashimoto quick baloney fix that never results in anywhere near decent performance.

Put them back in.

Don't listen to these all the liars, the powervalve does nothing to boost performance. Leave the it out, it's extra weight that your friend doesn't need. He will get more low and mid range torque with the PV out. :bonk::thumbsup::ride::lol:

Just kidding. You're friend should definitely put them back in.

thank you all so much hes going to take it in and have them put back in,

the guy who sold it to him did claim it was for racing so his son had to hold it wot the entire time to be able to ride it, his son is sponsored by ktm now, and before that suzuki, but i think this was just a practice bike,

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