Canadian WR to U.S. YZ

I am taking the stock exhaust off my bike(Canadian WR 426) and installing a stock YZ system from the U.S.. I have done the timing change and removed the airbox lid. Being a Canadian bike, I have no throttle stop or grey wire. I was just wondering what should be done to the carb. as a starting point. Even some guidence in the search department would be appreciated. I don't want to go crazy, just keep it running smooth.



I bought a 02 WR426 last February and only did a couple of things to the carb. It was backfiring going into turns so I went up one size on the idle jet. I also went down one size on the main jet. I then installed the OBELN needle (from the YZ250F machine). Got great results. Instant response. Before there was a slight bog with rapid throttle opening.

What altitude are you running at. I usually run 0 to 2000 feet.


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