08 YZ250F Help

I'm fairly new to dirt bike riding, espically 4 strokes... anyways,

I have an 08 yz250f it starts up fine when I'm starting it for the first time of a ride, but once its hot (even when using the hot start) it can be near impossible to restart. Whats likely causing this?

I washed it today (I think I got some water in the exhaust) after washing I tried to start it, it was very tough to kick (felt like it was locked or something) and prob took about 30 kicks to get it started. Is this because of the water in the exhaust or another problem?

the bike is very new its been on about 6 or 8 rides, oil and filter changed fairly recently

thanks in advance for your help

I have an 08 and starts no problem. If your new to 4 strokes you dont have the regement down yet and after a while your leg will get stronger just kicking it over. Heres what I do, twist throttle about 5 times open choke use hot start even though it is cold and give a good kick. usually starts in 2 or 3 kicks. sometimes in one. Once it is warm you dont need to twist throttle 5 times to start.

These bikes have a lean pilot jet when new. I had the same trouble until I put a #48 pilot jet in. Also get an after market fuel adjustment screw they are cheap and will help alot if the weather in your area changse like ours does.Check out the sticky at the top to see how people are jetting these bikes.Save your leg,rejet.

Stay on that air filter. Clean it every ride.

Hot starting: You'll figure out what to do to start it. I sometimes have to hold the throttle, just barely open when I kick it hot. That seems to work well for me, oh, with the hot start pulled.

Another weird starting glitch when hot: If I kick it and it fires once but stalls, it won't seem to start with a regular kick. Then I have to hold the hot start and kick it 4-5 times in rapid succession to get it to start.

Cold starting: Turn fuel on and let it fill the float bowl, then 3 twists and choke, no throttle. Usually works first kick.

so it doesnt sound like anything is wrong?, like i said after i washed it the kick start locked up, eventually it would kick but it locked up for about 10 minutes of kicking

thats again for your help

I just bought a brand new 08 YZ250F and it was dang near imposible to start for about the first 25-35 hours I rode it, I actually roll started the bike several times cause I got tired of kickin it... But now that its broke in starts just fine

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