Where did your DR-Z400 take you today?

The DR-Z is a great "do everything and go anywhere" bike. As such, Im sure a lot of you have some great pictures of your DR-Z travels.

Here is a pic I took today while exploring in Northern California. Not a bad spot to rest and relax before heading back to the wife and two young kids waiting at home.


Well my DRZ took me to work. It's a tragedy. She keeps on doing it. Sometimes she takes the long route, sometimes the short one....the destination stays the same. :ride:

I will not share pics.:thumbsup:

Indianhead lookout, about 45 minutes out of town. IMG_2733.jpg

I went for a dual sport ride today. About 150 miles of state highway, county roads and forest roads. Quilcene to Hoodsport on the east side of the Olympic Peninsula. A patch of snow one place, clouds, mist, trees down and had to backtrack, scary washouts and a little chilly but no real rain.

Work :thumbsup::ride:

Mine just took me home from work, the long way :thumbsup::ride:

To ****en hell and back, just like on every ride.

150km/h on the SH's to mud bogs and river Xings on the peripherals. I could root my DR-Z she's so f*cking good at everything.

But that's just me. :thumbsup:

My DRZ made me go to work so I could buy her new shoes and all the other stuff she wants. :thumbsup: After a long hard week I just know she is going to want to go out tonight too... the things I do to keep her happy :ride:

Casper Mountain road Tuesday. 2000ft climb in 4 miles, 5 hair pins and lots of twisties- had a blast.



Mine took me to Washington DC this morning the traffic was light cuz government workers are all off today for the big memorial day weekend.

I'm headed out of town in about 1 hour....100 miles north and back again this evening. Family stuff going on and I don't want to burn the gas in my pickup for a quick one day journey. (plus it's a lot more fun). Holiday traffic will probably be nasty, chance of rain along the way plus a high of 62 degrees today, my 07 S is not the best for cruising the freeway, but sometimes a guy just has to "man up" and do whats right..... you know what I mean.DSCN2756.jpg

Casper Mountain road Tuesday. 2000ft climb in 4 miles, 5 hair pins and lots of twisties- had a blast.


Awesome picture and sounds like a great ride! Thanks to you, I know where my next ride will take me. There is a similar steep incline near me that dumps me up at a little known lake after a set of sharp hairpins and twisties.

See, this is what I love about the DRZ.. Point and go.. No questions asked.. :thumbsup:

Indianhead lookout, about 45 minutes out of town. IMG_2733.jpg

Beautiful country Teneighty23. Your DRZ looks right at home.

Work, but tommorrow is RMZ day, yeah!

To work and it is taking me camping all weekend!

unfortunately nowhere...it's currently up on a lift, rear swingarm hanging, with no handlbars or turn signals. :thumbsup:

Just to work today, and home in a couple hours. I just bought the DRZ-SM last night for a 'commuter', at least that's what I told Mrs. frogpirate. :thumbsup: A buddy (who has a -S) gave me a ride to pick it up on his Wee-Strom, and we managed to make the 45 mile ride home a 65 mile ride home, after having dinner with friends and showing off my new toy...er, commuter.

TT-store got a bunch of my money today! farkles coming.


(with my other commuter in the background)

Had a blast for 70 miles on the schaefer trail in Moab,UT. This particular pic is overlooking the Colorado river where Thelma & Louise drove of their car in the movie.




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