Which manual is better, Clymer or factory Kawasaki?

Hey folks.

Long time no post. Anyway, I'm snagging the rest of my gear this weekend and putting a sparky in the silencer on the KX, and today I had the realization that I still haven't purchased a manual. Now then, the Clymer doesn't cover the 2001 models, but the factory Kawi manual does. The Kawi manual is about $10 more and that's negligible to me, so I'd like to hear if anyone has been exposed to both manuals and can weigh in on which is better.

Cliffs Notes: See thread title :thumbsup:

Thanks in advance folks. Off to never never land....


always always always factory. clymers, suck, are incomplete and i have found them to be completely wrong. yes i have compared clymers to factory, face to face same exact bike and all that, on 3 different bikes. clymers actually scare me

I like factory best but use both. I find clymer are good for tips when factory calls for special tools and for good tricks to overcome difficult disassembley issues. Both have saved me their face value many times over.

Clymer doesn't even have a book for my bike neither does haynes.

I like the factory manuals too. They also include supplimental information on prior years to help other TTers. :thumbsup:


Heh, thanks for the info folks, and the link KDXG. Digging Jeekinz's input on support. I'm ordering it in a sec and will probably have it in the bookcase near the PC in case anyone can benefit. Off to Rocky Mountain, thanks again folks.


PS I'm with Sean: I looked at a Clymer today and wasn't impressed compared to auto manuals I get from Helm for my street cars. Maybe one day as a supplement, but I'll start with the factory manual.

factory auto manuals from helminc.com?? Damn, for $30, no wonder you didn't complain. :thumbsup:

Ron Ayers usually has them for 10% off MSRP. but for some reason, Rocky Mountain has them, for even less (99-02 manual only). I have no clue why, but like I said, I got mine from there.

Yeah, Helms are $140 or so for the full set. Granted, there's more to a car than a bike, but it still feels like being the pretty guy in prison as far as the wallet is concerned.

I went nutso at Rocky Mountain man. I grabbed the manual, then decided to check for silencer packing, then realized they had helmets and gear. So far they have the manual, packing, a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, goggles and socks on the way to me. Next month: Steahly 13oz'er and a kickstand. Hopefully I'll be riding this thing in the next 1/2 month. :thumbsup:

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