Johnson Valley Memorial Weekend Reminder

There are several events going on in the Johnson Valley area this weekend:

1. Some sort of D37 event at North Anderson

2. Large group camping/riding out of Couger Buttes

3. MORE Oraf 500 mile day/night race (start/finish at rockpile on Bessemer, 160 vehicles pre-entered, 25 in Class 1, which means lots of high speed and OHV's need to be aware of their presence)(course runs mostly in the northeast part of JV, and map is available online)

4. Rock Crawlers in the hammers north of Means Dry Lake

There will be several of us out there photographing crowds to help in the fight to save Johnson Valley from military takeover. That will explain the guys with cameras.

Bump !

Thanks for taking the time too due this:thumbsup:

Sounds like alot of great stuff in JV this weekend. Looking forward to the pictures.....

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