1996 xr600r engine rebuild or replace

ok so i just bought this sweet 96 xr600r PLATED STREET LEGAL:p (F*** C.A.R.B:censored:) and pretty nice bad part needs a new engine, seems that rebuilding this one isn't worth it and will cost to much even with my employee discount, so i was wandering if anyone knows what engines will fit into this frame maybe a 650 upgrade is in the future any thoughts or ideas would be great thanks

I wonder about a possible 650L engine swap. Keep an eye on EBAY. It will fit.

What is so wrong with the engine that it's not worth rebuilding?

If you are going to ride off road I would not consider the 650L engine an upgrade. It will add too much weight the bike is heavy to start with.

What's wrong with your current engine?

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