ANY thought on racing the sportsman class?

helo with a son that races, well he wants me to race, race bad, he said dad i want to go to one race where i dont have to race and i want to watch you race, i think so he can rub it in my face when he grabs the stop watch and say hey i pull faster laps than you! so i was thinking of racing the sportsmans class (non jumping) so i dont get killed or hurt i also have a bad back so this looks like the class for me, any thoughts or suggestions? i will be riding a yz125 and im only 140lbs and it seems the bigger heavier guys on bigger bikes have a advantage over the smaller guys in this class because they stay low and fast, any help with going fast and still staying low to make sure both tires hit every whoop jump etc.? any help would be great thanks

Use some periods! I could hardly read this as it's all one long sentence.

I think you're asking if it's ok to ride the sportsman class. Fine with me. The YZ will be okay for the level of competition you're involved in.

Just go out there and race, take it easy and you will have a good time.

El Marco I wouldn't be so quick to critique someone else's writing, you have a couple of incomplete sentences in yours.

If the sportsman class is the class you feel most comfortable in, go for it. I think no matter what class you race in your going to have some guys that are very competetive, maybe a little to experienced for sportman but not good enough for higher classes (and hate to lose). Just get out there and have fun.

Sorry for the bad writing and non periods and typos etc.

I have a broken finger, and i type on a small laptop, and im on some good pain meds right now, so now that i read what i just wrote i agree with you 100% so please excuse me for any mispelled words typos etc because right now i really dont give damn.

i guess what i am really trying to ask is the sportsman the right class for me? or should i just race big bike beginner?

which class is better for someone like me coming back from a back injury with alot of street bike experience, thats less competitive,

i dont want to go out and go balls to the wall and die, i really just wanna go out and ride and have fun not trying to win just ride, in fact if im ahead of anyone ill probably slow down and let them pass, but i dont want to go out and hold up faster guys coming around to lap me either!

so any of you know who pulls faster lap times one average would it be big bike beg. or sportsman? just on average a good guess will work also

Jam, I raced RMR BB Beginner in 06 and last year I raced the Sportsmans Class. I think that the Sportsmans races are tons more fun for me. I'm 37 and wanted some level of competition without worrying about some out-of-control 15 year old taking me out in the first turn. The Sportsman guys were in control and safe to ride with. We all got to know each other then it was like going out riding with friends on race night. I don't know of any crashes in our class. The BBB class, on the other hand, has a tendency to be highly competitive with inexperienced kids who ride over their heads way too much. They have a lot of crashes in that class too, no surprise.

It depends on what kind of racing you want to be a part of. I'm not interested in bar-banging so Sportsmans was my favorite. I think that I was the only one on a 250F last year. Most everyone was on a 450F and some 250 smokers. You may be the only one on a 125 but who cares. Go and do it!! You will have a blast, I promise!

PS: It's hard work too. I think I get more tired not jumping.

If he wants you to race because he wants to share the experience with you,great. If he wants you to race so that he can get the confidence that there is one thing he can do better than his dad,great. If he wants you to race so that you make a fool of yourself and he can degrade you,not so great.

(((DELTA 41))) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE GREAT ADVICE!!! i really appreciate it especially from someone who is local, i think i will race the sportsman class at RMR my son already races there along with deseret peak and usra races but rmr seems like a better course the D.P. to me not a tight arenacross track.

And it is ok that 125cc races sportsman? i would like to race a xr250 but its a 86 and outdated, but im more comfortable with the powerband then the 2 stroke, but i would be the laughing stock of RMR because of its painted (brushed paint) plastics and general looks (it is a beat down bike but runs good) i would really like to get a kx100 supermini bike to ride, since the yz125 feels really tall to me. is the sportsmans class available to all bikes like a adult on a supermini?

any good advice on how to let the faster guys buy me when they come around to lap me? ( i dont want to jump in, in the middle of the season and ruin anyone points by holding them up or getting tangled with them,) i have heard to stay inside around turns if your being lapped, but what about the up hills and downhills etc? is there a way you guys tell the rider behind you to pass me on this side or go around etc?


i think he wants me to race because he wants to share it with me and have more to talk about at the races and he can have someone really close to him to support,

BUT... i think he would also like to SAY na na nana na i pull faster lap times than you dad, lol :ride:

what kid wouldnt want to say im faster than dad?

hell, plus i already KNOW he will pull faster lap times than me on his 65. so i am ready to take it like a dad, and throw sand in his eyes push him down and give him a couple good kicks to the head! :thumbsup: no, just kidding, but im ready to hear it, because i time his laps and push him to go faster and im willing to bet money he will be out there with the stop watch saying pin it pin it just like dad does to him LOL :bonk:

my only advice is if your concerned about fast guys passing you just hold your line and if they want to pass they will find a way to pass, let them work for it, hold your line.

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