up north jetting

i have a 2002 cr250 and i am going to the cinders this weekend.... Stock main jet is 380. i currently run a 390main and the jetting is dialed perfectly!. How many sizes do you think i will need to go down for the cinders. will i HAVE to change the pilot jet too.? ive heard you can get away with just the main.. I will only be ridding there one day and want to be as dialed as i can befor i get there so i CAN RIDE!! thanks alot!!! help!

by the way, im jetted in and ride at 1000ft. the cinders are roughly 7000ft.



380 is what we run in Denver at 6,000 feet. Is that the stock needle? Usually 2+ sizes leaner for 6-7,000 feet, like a 360, but that sounds lean.

im pretty sure its the stock needle and clip. so if you are saying you run a 380 at 6000 feet, are you just leaning out the fule air screw and leaving the jetting stock?! Would that work for me at 7000feet?


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