drz400 fcr carb ???'s

I have a 06 drz-400s, full yosh rs-3 exaust, 3x3, and now a fcr 39mm pre 04 drz-e carb. My problem is with the accelerator pump. I've read all the info about it and I'm still stumped. The duration of the fuel squirt is in the 4 second range. I've heard that the crf-450f diaphram is a solution to this problem, possibly it has a longer pin that decreases the duration? What if you put a shim under the current pin in the bottom of the AP? Just looking for more info. This is all sea level. Any other sugestions are welcome.

thanks, first post!

A spacer, a diaphragm, a locking collar on the rod, or pinching the linkage together, they all do the same thing and limit the stroke of the pump to about 1/2 or less of it's volume.

The only thing I don't like about placing a washer/spacer in the pump is that it can move around or might rattle out of position.

The honda diaphragm is shown below, and the pinched linkage option. The diaphragm is about 2mm longer than standard.



a valve shim works nicely.

be aware that there is no "set" measurement to acheive 1 to 1.5 seconds squirt.

it all depends on pump linkage and spring wear.

perfect! I think it would be a good idea to replace the spring also so that new diaphram and the other tips should allow me to tune it in. Any chance you have that part#. Even the year would be help. thanks so much for the help.

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