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Let's compile useful information about bikes

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I see a lot of questions about "What bike should I get", "What is the best oil", what this and that... That is excellent that new riders are interested in what bike would suit them, and how to keep their biker in tip top shape.

For this thread, let's see if we can compile useful tips and tricks you have picked up along the way, for mechanical gremlins, changing parts, fixing your bike on the fly and general questions that are always asked. Keep discussions of the best engine oil brand, what bike to ride for what terrain and what gear you would buy with your tax return in other threads.


In no order:

Tighten a rim lock as tight as you can with a short wrench. You don't have to torque it like you would a lug. 1.5 seasons on the bolt, and no movement what so ever.

While changing a tire, rather mounting it, spread light weight fork oil on the top of the bead, and the most inward part. This will help you get your tires on in no time, and help with beading.

If you have a clogged jet that will not clear with regular compressed air and carb cleaner, get our your propane torch, and a little bit of fuel in a container. Hold the jet with pliers, as not to damage the threads, and heat it with the flame of the torch. The gunk should cook off. Blow it out with compressed air, then dip the hot jet in the fuel... slowly. Repeat steps of heating , using air and dipping until you have a clean jet.

Have to pull the timing gear off of a crank on a old XR or XL... the press fit ones on the left side of the crank? You will be hard pressed to find a decent puller that can fit in there. Cover the bearing some how, and use a Dremel to cut away at the teeth, down to the crank. Do this on either side, on opposing teeth valley's and the use a sharp chisel to break off the gear.

Freeze your bearings when installing them into your cases. If you can, get your hands on some liquid nitrogen or dry ice. Heat your cases in the oven for a while to expand the bearing seats.

Locating dowels got you down? Use a tap to cut light threads into them, and slide hammer them out. Failing that, bring out the propane torch and pliers.

Want to carry some electrical tape with you on the trail? Wrap some around a "low traffic" area of your bike, and replace it, if unused, once a year.

If your water pump seal has failed, replace both seals AND the shaft all at the same time.

If you are spoking a wheel, and are using new spokes, put a tad of anti-seize on each spoke.

It is pretty early in the morning right now... and I need sleep, so sorry if these are just common knowledge. Compile what you do know, and stick it up.

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