can the steel base gasket leak??

I have a 2006 model and have noticed some oil around the base of the cylinder on the gearbox casing. I havn't had a good inspection but it looks like it could be coming from the base gasket? (theres a black trail leading to it). I'm aware the 03 and under models can develop a leak but isn't that supposed to be sorted in 04+ ?

Any gasket can leak, it will just not happen as often with the steel base gasket as with the old paper one.

Degrease and clean everything off really well and then check again with a white cloth after riding for a bit. Having old oil in the engine helps because its easier to see.:thumbsup:

I would make sure that you really know where the leak is coming from before taking the engine apart for a base gasket. You could always just get a leak detector kit from an auto parts store. They include some dye that you add to your oil and a UV light so you can spot the culprit.

Check the cam chain tensioner for leaks as well.

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