1978 SR500E frame dimensions?


I have a SR500E frame and engine bought as a donor. The engine is good and with CDI, big exhaust valve and polished finish on the cases, I reckon a good base for a racer.

My question is whether the SR chassis is viable to use as a dirt bike. I think that it is basically similar to the XT/TT brothers. I would be removing all excess brackets and tabs, using another swingarm and front forks/triple clamps. The rear frame loop has already gone and I would fit different tank, seat, footpegs and brake lever.

Has anyone looked at steering angle, wheelbase, weight etc before and have an opinion?

I can't afford a HL replica and XT/TT frames have become rare locally, Brisbane, Australia.

i've seen dirt & street trackers de-raked

looks like the ticket. i might do this to one of mine, but i would also want the swingarm a little longer to keep wheelbase stock. if the axle was just an inch or so rearward that would probably accomplish the objective. wish you were up-over so i could swap frames (tt for sr)


Sorry 265 the SR frame is different and I'd say not as strong as the XT/TT frames.

Put an add in the classifieds or want to buy section of


I wouldn't expect you'll have too much trouble getting an XT/TT frame locally



Hi, I have both the XT and SR in the shed. I will go and put the tape measure on it and tell you the difference. I am converting my SR from cafe racer to a flat tracker. As the shorter wheel base and the rake are more suited to flat tracker. Funk.:thumbsup:


That'd be great. I can well imagine the 500 as a flat tracker.

Waiting in anticipation.



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